December 2019 Artist Killing the Game: Ganja White Night

This year has been a massive one for artists everywhere! One of the artists that made the biggest moves this year, in our opinion, is Ganja White Night! While they have been prominent over the past couple of years in the dubstep scene, this past year has just been outlandish for them! From performing multiple headlining slots at festivals to epic collaborations with artists like Liquid Stranger, Caspa, Boogie T., and more, Ganja White Night has been all the hype in the heavy bass realm. They made their American debut not more than 3 years ago and within that time they have become a dubstep iconic with Mr. Wobble and the Wobblemaster.

The Belgian duo will be ending out the Decade with a much-anticipated performance at Decadence on the 30th followed by their NYE performance at Snowta where they will be counting down the seconds to the new year!

We love over these guys and if you haven’t heard of them you really need to check them out as they are annihilating the scene!

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Ganja White Night Soundcloud

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