Bass Coast 2020 First Wave Lineup Announcement and Info

While snuggling on the couch with my hot coco, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is it summer yet?”  Waiting for summer festivals to start back up can be a pain to think about during the winter months.  Luckily, The Chronic Electronic can ease that pain with previews of our most anticipated festivals for 2020!  Bass Coast is one fest that we are very excited about.  The annual Canadian festival will take place on July 10-13, 2020.  Going on it’s 12 installment, Bass Coast is sure to leave everyone with their jaw on the floor. They have had record breaking pre-sales and a capacity freeze that added quite the unique vibe to the already ecstatic festival, add that on top of the carefully orchestrated lineup, magnificent art exhibits, harm reduction and sustainability educational series, and the eco-friendly atmosphere and you got a festival experience unlike any other! Check out the first phase lineup of Bass Coast as it has the funky and bass heavy headliners like Claude Vonstroke, The Librarian, The Funk Hunters, along with many more names and still more to be announced throughout the New Year!














Living in British Columbia, Bass Coast is surrounded by the beauty of nature. The festival is right outside the city of Merritt, in the shared traditional territories of Nłeʔkepmx and Sylix.  Bass Coast, “invites attendees to be present with nature.”  One way they achieve this is with their sustainability practices.  Bass Coast harps on a leave-no-trace philosophy.  They up hold this philosophy by encouraging attendees to bring reusable containers, practicing M-O-O-P (Matter Out Of Place), and reducing our carbon footprint.  In addition to being sustainable, the harm reduction educational series is another crucial element in making Bass Coast one of the best festivals around.  Keeping your physical and mental self in the present is what Bass Coast is all about.  The harm reduction series hits on topics such as how consent is mandatory, hydration is key, how fentanyl affects you and your surroundings, and how your feet are one of your most important assets at a festival.  These educational series, along with a plethora of workshops, make Bass Coast a safe space for everyone.

Along with the beautiful nature scene, Bass Coast is well known for their art installations.  Attendees are encouraged to have an “interactive conversation” with the art provided.  This gives festival goers a chance to connect with their surroundings.  Through Bass Coast’s Art Grant program, anyone can apply to have their art present at Bass Coast.  As the Art Grant Co-founder and Art Director Liz Thomson describes, “The Bass Coast Art Grant show offers the rare opportunity to exhibit original art in a public space and to retain ownership of the piece post exhibit.  Being part of our show which attracts media attention globally creates non quantifiable value for novice and professional artists. The joy of watching people interact with your installation, the learning that happens from honest feedback, the growth of your technical knowledge and building relationships with peers motivate recipients to apply year after year. Anyone can apply, the first step is reading over the application.”  Providing unique opportunities like the Art Grant program is just another example of why Bass Coast is a must for any festival lover.  Applications for art installations are split into two rounds.  The first round will consist of any large art structures and ends on December 31.  The second round will be for smaller art projects, starting January 1st, 2020 and ending March 1st, 2020.

The scene is set for Bass Coast 2020.  If you plan on attending any festival in 2020, Bass Coast should be on your do-not-miss list. Tickets and more info on Bass Coast 2020 can be found on their website.  The First Tier is already sold out!  Get ’em while they’re hot!

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