Arty is the Latest Headliner to Join the Massive 2019 Decadence Lineup

Just when you thought the 2019 Decadence lineup couldn’t get bigger they add on another massive name that is sure to attract a unique vibes crowd by having a one of a kind performance among the headliners at Decadence this year. Can’t have a party without ARTY! The globally known EDM star will be sharing his beautiful beats with the audience at the city of Decadence on the 2nd night! Even though he is Russian he is no newbie to the American scene! He has performed at massive festivals like EDC LV and he has gone on tour not only on his act Arty but also his side project, Alpha 9, which hits more of the trance feels. With Arty though, his uplifting and euphoric music will energize the already ecstatic Decadence crowd! The 2nd night of Decadence, New Years Eve, is absolutely jam packed with house music and trance music, so if you are wanting to party, make sure to catch the latest addition to the 9th annual Decadence!


Tickets are still available at the link posted below:

Decadence Ticket Link

Decadence Facebook

Decadence Website

Arty Facebook

Arty SoundCloud

We updated our playlist with Arty at the very end – enjoy!


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