5AM Trio Brings A New Sound With Their Debut EP “Triovision”


Sam Andrus, better known as 5AM has been pushing through his musical mission with abundant force. His mission, to make progressive electronic music for those who listen with ears that are wide awake. 5AM is making music that combines crystal clear sound design, deep rumbling bass, and smooth joyful melodies into an impressive melting pot of forward-thinking bass music. 5AM has teamed up with ZONE Drums and Tygris to add another layer of dynamic percussion, electronic production, bass guitar, and turntablism. While they have been playing shows together for about a year, 5AM Trio is finally debuting their first EP “Triovision” released on The Rust Music. “Triovision” is a beautiful example of how incredible music can be when the right mix of talented artists and creative vision collide. This EP brings the unique crunchy sound design that 5AM fans have come to know and love but with an organic soulful bluesy vibe thanks to ZONE Drums and Tygris. Each song has its own identity and will keep you locked in throughout their respective sonic journies. The first song on the EP, “Vibe”, does just as it self proclaims, really sets the vibe that 5AM Trio is trying to accomplish. Smooth drums, crisp electronic sound design, and soothing keys illustrate just what the 5AM Trio is all about. The next track, “Calibrate”, features Wax Future who adds dynamic guitar licks giving the track a freeform almost improvised feel that is extremely captivating. “Calibrate” takes on a more jamtronica sound that works so well with 5AM Trio and really flexes the possibilities of where this project can go. Finally, we have the last track on the EP, “Floating” featuring Maya Elise on vocals. Maya Elise’s vocal work on this song really brings a different emotion that strikes the listener as soon as she comes in. Overall, 5AM Trio has hit the nail on the head with this EP “Triovision” and we can’t wait to see what this combination of incredible artists has to offer in the future. Be sure to purchase the album through the Bandcamp link listed below!



Purchase “Triovision” Here!

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