Red Rocks Got Down to Some O.G Trap Mid-October & I Love It – [Troyboi x G JonesEvent Review]

The bass capital may be for the city of Denver, but that vibe spreads throughout the foothills and the Rocky Mountains of Colorful Colorado. Falling in that category is the legendary venue of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, where iconic musicians of all sorts have performed hypnotizing and emotion-filled sets, even the ones who bring the bass through turntables and midi’s. Last weekend, three trap icons of differing styles of bass music took over the rocks for a night like never before. The night started off with a big first name, Lumice, who did not tread lightly with the chill music. He came all the way from Montreal to put out a crazy set mashed nicely of original music and hyped up trap beats. It led ever so nicely into the ecstatic live trio band of Keys n Krates. Arguably one of the bigger classic names in trap music, because of their early songs that started a worldwide movement. Dum-Dee-Dum is hands down their most popular song and with this song, they instantly became trap music icons. Fast forward several years and their music still hasn’t lost the hyped live feeling but evolved to a different sound. Like off their most recent album, ‘A Beat Tape for Your Heart,’ where the music they project is soul-filled trap backed with chill beats. Their live set led perfectly into another live set from artist, G Jones, who ABSOLUTELY ROCKED the stage for a killer hour and a half. Not only does he throw down an all-original set of amazing and experimental bass, but he live VJ’s all of his visuals, that he ALSO had helped create. His set was nothing but pure excellence both musically and audibly, add that phenomena of a performance in the pitch perfect venue of Red Rocks and it was a set that would last in every attendee’s memories forever. The Co-Headliner, G Jones had brought the vibes up perfectly for one of the originators of Trap music, Troyboi himself. The U.K grown artist had some of the best music inspirations for curating a new sound as he was in such a musically inclined city. Some of his early collaborations with Stooki Sound really set in-place the trap movement and from there Troyboi just took off. He has created such a sound for himself, people can instantly recognize a Troyboi beat within seconds of hearing it. Not to mention most of his songs are marked with the iconic spell out of his name; T-R-O-Y-B-O-I, which leads into a ‘Wonky’ drop every time. Since his first songs have made dance floors wobble worldwide, he has not lost his momentum but increased it. And it finally turned up for him as he closed out a night at one of the most legendary venues in the world. And you could tell he was absolutely floored by it. He gave a quick thank you which lead into his encore, ‘Do You?’ Throughout the four artists that played, all of them were trap music, yes, but they all played a different variant of the vast style that all added up to be one hell of a night. Follow their socials below and make sure to check out our full photo gallery on our Facebook / the link posted below!


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