Dubloadz Is Bringing Out the Haunted Headbanger Vibes w/ His Recent EP Release ‘The House of Ghosts’

In this House of Ghosts, the haunted spirit who rules all, Dubloadz, has put together 3 extremely diverse and heavy bass wonk-filled beats for his latest EP release! For two of these songs, he has brought in another ghoul tainted spirit, Dack Janiels, for an interesting take on dub-filled songs. The first song on the EP, “Holy SHMO!” uses some intense sound design that gets pretty freaking wonky in the dubstep beats. It grazes the realm of riddim but then just goes straight back into the heavy weird shit. ‘It’s one spicyyyy song.’ The last song on the EP is another collaboration with Dack Janiels, “Killer Instinct,” and this song is absolutely bonkers! It starts off with a raunchy dubstep vibe but then the second drop leads straight into an interesting take of hard-style! Sandwiched in-between these two songs is his collaboration with Suahn and again, it is quite the change up on the tone of the EP. Keeping the wonky vibes alive, but changing the BPM, Dubloadz and Suahn grasp the heavy vibes and bring it to a house party type of vibe. All in all, this 3 song EP holds a heavy and diverse take on Dubloadz production and it is just in type for that Spooky October good good! Follow Dubloadz to keep up-to-date with news and releases!


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