The First Wakaan Festival – 2019

We’re less than a month away from the first annual Wakaan Music Festival and the hype is real!  This has been one of the most anticipated festivals this year with top acts from within Wakaan and outside the growing label.  Fans from all over will descend on Mulberry Mountain from October 3rd through October 6th.  Wakaan is a music label created by Martin Stääf, better known as Liquid Stranger.  Wakaan has said that they put out experimental, freeform bass, which most Wakaan fans call Space Bass.  The label mainly releases EP’s and tracks through artists, instead of signing certain artists.  This lets performers be free to sign with a different label with no obligation.  Wakaan does this to make the label feel more like family, more like home.  One of Wakaan’s newest artist releases is Lucii.  In a recent interview with, Lucii describes Wakaan as “…[not] just a label, we’re a family.  It’s the first year, and they only sold a certain amount of tickets to make it an intimate family-like festival.  Because that is what Wakaan is”.  With all the hype that surrounds Wakaan, we are sure to have an out-of-this-world experience this October at Mulberry Mountain.

Mulberry Mountain wasn’t just a random pick by Wakaan.  Located in Ozark National Forest in Ozark, Arkansas, the venue portrays an intimate setting with only 1 main stage with a possible Renegade stage for sunrise sets.  Also being home to Backwoods Music Festival, Mulberry Mountain “…already has the infrastructure in place..” for a festival like Wakaan, as Liquid Stranger explained to  Liquid Stranger continues, “Mulberry Mountain is a beautiful, scenic location that creates the right setting for the festival. We… felt like we could bring something new and special to the region”.  Mulberry Mountain seems like it’s the perfect fit for Wakaan’s first festival.

Wakaan presented us with an epic lineup that features the likes of Boogie T, LSDream, Space Jesus, and of course, Liquid Stranger.  Some of the known Wakaan artists to perform are Champagne Drip, EazyBaked, G-Space, Freddy Todd, and Lucii.  As Liquid Stranger told, “Of course we have a lot of Wakaan talent playing, but [we] also tapped a bunch of our favorite producers, who we are fans of and love”.  Some of these “favorite producers” include Koan Sound, Mersiv, Ableation, Of The Trees, and Russ Liquid.  Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss any of these acts.  Koan Sound is only scheduled for two American shows which include Wakaan Festival and a show at the newly opened Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado.  Most of the artists on the lineup are “lesser-known”, but they will definitely pack a punch and fit right into the theme of Wakaan.

Wakaan is also bringing along some label parties.  These other labels are Sub.Mission, Sermon Nation, and Spicy Bois.  All of these labels will provide curated shows and experiences.  Sub.Mission’s motto is to “Move people through sound, not hype”.  Some notable artists that are apart of Sub.Mission are The Widdler and Truth.  Spicy Bois, led by Meso, has been on the up and up this past year.  Spicy Bois produces “Music that you can REALLY taste”.  Sermon Nation has been providing intimate and exciting shows and experiences since 2016.  They’ve been known to say that “It’s not a cult… ok, on second thought, maybe this is a cult”.

There will be lots to see and enjoy at Wakaan’s first space festival.  From seeing majestic Mulberry Mountain to getting down to the Spicy Bois label party, there will sure be moments that will make your jaw drop.  You don’t want to miss Koan Sound or Lucii as they will send you to another universe.  With the stacked lineup and the incredible location, Wakaan Music Festival will surely take you to a new reality.

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