Swayló’s Earthly and Wordly Vibes in His Most Recent EP Release: ‘Reflections’

One of the leading record labels in the underground/up & coming experimental bass scene, Gravitas Music, has spotlighted another epic release for all types of EDM lovers! Featuring the worldly and earthly sounds of Swaylo Nights, aka Swayló; this artist from New Mexico, with blood leading back to South Africa, takes in all types of culture sounds mashed together with some grooving, unique, house beatz that sometimes leads into a crazy style of Tribal Trap. His latest release, ‘Reflections’ is the perfect blend of the tribal vibes and grooving beats that lead the listener through a storybook-like adventure composed of wholesome sounds and entrancing samples! This four-track EP is so beautifully put together, listening to it from start to finish will not only relax you and your soul but also revitalize your brain with musical energy. Each song holds its own tale and beauty, so spend about 15 minutes and check out this one of a kind EP for a refresher on the beats that are making speakers wobble throughout our scene.

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