SMF 2019 Artist Spotlight: Billy Kenny *Chronic Smoke Down at the AMP* 2:15-2:25am

Whats up Shambhallers?! We are less than a week out until we gather on the ranch and begin the beautiful chaos in one of the most revered and legendary festivals of all time, Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, British Columbia! The pre-fest excitement is as real as ever as schedules has been out for over a week now and artists of all genres are dropping teasers with ‘Shambhala Mix Series.’ There have been TruthLSDreamMilanoMersiv, and so many more! One of which includes one of our most anticipated artists, Billy Kenny. His mix is jam packed of his favorite tech & deep house tracks and we put that below for y’all to check out and get highfy too!

Now as most of you Shambhala veterans know, during Stylust at the Village there is a massive smoke down, specifically hot-box the Village. Honestly, one of the coolest experiences I have ever got to be apart of. So being Chronic based and with Canada legalizing cannabis since the last Shamb’s, we figured it would be perfect to hot box another stage. And we found the perfect stage to do that. The AMPhitheater, where the stage is set up in prime position for the smoke to settle nicely above the crowd and in the open face tent above front of house. Now the perfect artist for this wasn’t easy to choose, as there are many ganja-friendly artists who’ll be playing there. But one came to mind above all, not solely because of his groove-a-licous beats, nor his goofy attitude or songs, but because he got f*$ked over  for accidentally leaving a dab pen in his luggage when leaving LAX  a while back. That mistake had his visa revoked and then he was deported back to his home. So with that factor, on top of the banging music, outstanding and hilarious vibes that Billy Kenny has, matched with the most excellent Shambhala party vibes at the AMP… we just couldn’t think of a better artist to smoke out the AMP too.

SO, his performance is on Saturday night from 2:00am-3:30am

we have decided that the best time for the Chronic smoke down at the AMP will be from 2:15-2:25. It gives the opening vibes a time to settle, people time to get to the set from other artists, and half way through the smoke down it will be 4:20 somewhere! So make sure to roll it up, grab your pens, rigs, and bowls – because we are going to make the AMP hazy as F*$K to some dank music!

Take pictures, videos, and enjoy the hell out of the performance and your weekend!

See you all soon! Full Schedules can be seen down below as well!

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Shambhala Music Festival 2019

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