Shambhala Music Festival 2019 – What To Do?

August is just around the corner and that means it’s time for Shambhala Music Festival.  From August 9-12, the Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia will come alive again with people coming from all over the world to see the beauty, art , and music that is Shambhala Music Festival.  Along with the incredible music lineup, there are a plethora of other activities to investigate.  Go catch one of the inspirational workshops at the Grove’s Cedar Lounge.  Check out the awe-inspiring art at the Basscamp Art Gallery.  Pig out at one of the many offerings the Food Market will provide.  You can even create your own organized event.  From chilling by the river to raging out to Excision at the Pagoda stage, get ready for one of the best weekends of the summer!

People don’t always come to festivals just for the music.  It can be a time for soul searching and finding out what life is all about.  Going to specialized workshops carried out, usually, during the day can help guide people to finding one’s true self.  Two workshops in particular to help with this concept are the Awakening the Primordial Sound and Breathwork Circle workshops.  Awakening the Primordial Sound is a kind of sound healing meditation.  The workshop will include dynamic movement, breathwork, mantra recitation and musical harmonium.  Some of the instruments they will be using are singing bowls, djembe, and bells.  Like Awakening the Primordial Sound, the Breathwork Circle workshop aims to find your inner-self through breathing techniques. This workshop will help you let go of bad habits and create good ones.  It will also help you be more aware of life that is happening around you.  For this workshop, you will sit in a meditation circle.  Cue in the music, which is carefully selected to fit the mood of the experience.  You will then go through a series of breathing techniques.  The session will end with silent relaxation to calm the nervous system.  A contrasting workshop from the other two is the Art of Play workshop.  The Art of Play’s promise is to “…embrace a spirit of wonder, to inspire joy, and foster a community of playful sophistication”.  There will be fun puzzles, designer playing cards, unique objects and interesting reads.  Art of Play collaborates with artists to construct items that are out of this world.  Art of Play and Awakening the Primordial Sound will be happening on Saturday, August 9th, and Breathwork Circle on Sunday, August 10.  Go over to the Cedar Lounge to experience one of these life changing workshops.

There are still many attractions to participate in and see at Shambhala.  One of the main events on Friday is the annual Friday Parade.  This is where you can let your true colors shine.  Show off your favorite festival outfit or come as a life-form from another planet.  The only requirements are to be happy and be yourself.  Another activity that is offered daily is yoga.  This is usually offered in the early afternoon and will take place on The Farm.  Spin the Spirit Animal Wheel to see what your true spirit animal is.  Shambhala encourages us to “…find [our] spirit animal on The Farm.  When you see one scan the area for MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and pick it up”.  This is a great way to keep the Salmo River Ranch in pristine condition for many more Shambhala Music Festivals.  Have an idea for an organized event?  Let Shambhala know and your idea could become a reality.  Create Onesie-Day or have a Best Festie Wear contest.  All you have to do is set up a Facebook event, post it in the Shambhala Facebook Group, invite others to join, and email:  Let’s see what creative events will be formed!

Staying hydrated and making sure your stomach is happy are some of the most important rules when going to any festival.  Shambhala has us covered with over 18 food and beverage vendors.  Some of these establishments are Farm Phresh Smoothies, Gaia Ma Food, Oink BBQ, and the one I’m looking forward to the most, Blaze Burgers.  There is something for all types of appetites from leafy greens to deep fried goodness.  Need a little snack before seeing FKJ at The Grove?  Head on down to Ogopogo Mini Doughnuts to relieve the munchies.  Getting a sweet tooth after relaxing on the Salmo River?  Gobble down some delicious and savory crepes at The Yogi Berry.  Shambhala hand=picks every vendor on-site to make sure everybody’s dietary needs are met.

Shambhala Music Festival is considered one of the premiere festivals to attend every year and with good reason.  Not only are there top name musical performances, but there are so many things to experience and do.  From trying out some Thai cuisine to taking the Breathwork Circle workshop, there will always be something to do from August 8-12 on the Salmo River Ranch.

Shambhala 2019 is sold out! See you all on the Ranch!

Shambhala Music Festival 2019

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