Artist of the Month Killin’ the Scene: Mr. Carmack (June’19)

A true artist who produces his art solely on his own terms, for his own preferences with his own feelings, Mr. Carmack. He is a true wizard to his craft, born & raised in San Francisco, he moved to Oahu where he lived month to month on his Bandcamp releases. Since then he has been slaying some crazy festivals and events, such as Electric Forest, several tours, and other countless performances! He has a heavy schedule coming up this year including a magical performance down the rabbit hole at Meow Wolf in Sante Fe on 7/19. Denver, he will be at Club Vinyl August 10 – the rest of his dates can be seen on this link. Just last month, he released an “I <3 Trap” EP, which can be downloaded from, and this selection of unique songs brings you through the distinct styles of music production of Mr. Carmack. Not to mention, this past week, on 7/6 he was with rapper, A-I on a hip-hop and rap song that bumps and spit some fresh lyrics. Mr. Carmack has been through a rowdy and interesting life and it truly shows in his music production. He is a brilliant musician who has immense talent in playing over 9 instruments, including all types of electronic production, mastering, and more which can be read in his quote below! While he may not be mainstream, he is an O.G to the trap scene and has been an influence for years and that’s why with his latest releases and his upcoming performances, he is the artist of the month Straight killin’ the scene.

“French horn, piano, drums, percussion, trumpet, bass, ukulele, guitar, melodica. Ableton, reason, protools, garageband, audacity, audition, max/msp. House, drum and bass, hip hop, trap, electro, complextro, progressive, backpack, bass, funk, synthpop, jazz, classical. Produce, mix, master, compose, arrange, edit, consult, review, and just be a fan. my life is music, and my work is reflective of my passion. i do not represent anyone, anything, or anyplace but myself. while you reach God, I will reach true understanding and knowledge through experience. neither are attainable, but hey, its the best i got.” Mr. Carmack

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