Boombox Cartel + Funktion One Sound At Temple Denver This Weekend! You’d Be Crazy to Miss This ‘NEW WIP!’

Latin Trap sounds will be flexxxing on the Funktion One Sound System this weekend in the Bass Capital at Temple Denver from the revered Boombox Cartel! A duo where, Jorge Medina is the talent behind writing the music and Americo Garcia is the one who puts on an eccentric live performance and absolutely annihilates the decks. Together they have made some of the nuttiest sounds in the scene, from notable tracks like; “B2U,” or their bass-rocking EP, “Cartel.” Recently Boombox Cartel has shown just how vast their diversity in genres are. Within one month alone, Boombox Cartel has released two rather different sounding songs, yet they both hold that distinct vibe that holds true to the Cartel. A true testament to their diverse production is in their recent trap song, “4U” with Breakfast n Vegas featuring Tory Lanes and Bad Bunny. This song will be the perfect vibe change up from the rowdy Boombox Cartel vibes on the dance floor to the rap, chill, vibes… Maybe a little bit of being turnt will be present… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Being turnt will always be present! Especially with Boombox Cartel performing at the biggest and best nightclub in the Bass Capital… Temple Denver! One can expect some stupid epic sounds to rock your face off for sure! Most certainly because his most latest release, “NEW WIP,” featuring the pumped up vocals from MadeinTYO, this track is just straight naughty. If you haven’t heard it yet, dive deep and pump the jam from the link below! The sound production on this song is just of another level. The song has quite a unique drop that will take the bass heads for quite a whirl into the world of wonky music. But don’t forget the Latin influences, we are sure to get some fiesta vibes throughout his set this weekend!

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