Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Extravaganza

Lightning in a Bottle has once again released one of the brightest and most unique festival lineups of the year. Even though they have changed from their beautiful location of Lake San Antonio to Buena Vista Lake. Although we recommend that you don’t swim in the waters, the location seems to have worked in their […]

Up & Coming Artist of the Month: Kyral x Banko

The naughty duo of Kyral x Banko has been dominating the bass scene across the front range over the past year pretty heavily. They are apart of the Quality Good Fam, (Record label from UZ) but also have collaborated with Angry Neighbor and MorFlo with epic releases and live performances! They play a nice variety […]

Artist of the Month Killing the Game: Rezz

Lets be real, Rezz has been killing the game for a few years now and she has no signs of stopping. She has released two albums so far, along with all types of collaborations with epic artists with the likes of, K?D, 13, 1788-L, and more! She has sold out Red Rocks, headlined EDC LV […]