Sermon ATL Offers Late Night Bass Gathering [EVENT PREVIEW]

Envisioned Arts continues to push bass music in the South East with Sermon ATL, an ultra late night bass music gathering.  This event is looking to bring a special environment to the ATL bass scene. Sermon ATL will be taking place at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot on March 30 from 8 PM- 5 AM, so be sure to take your super nap before heading out for this one. This is a beautiful venue in Atlanta that we are very excited to see Envisioned Arts transform into a haven of art. Would also like to give a shoutout to all involved in making this happen including Speakeasy Promotions, Zero Mile Presents, Native Groove, Aisle 5, and Sermon!

Now to talk about the incredibly stacked lineup that Envisioned Arts is bringing out. The lineup consists of Yheti, Esseks, Digital Ethos, Little Snake, VCTRE, and a late night SLUG WIFE TAKEOVER including Kursa, Seppa, Broken Note, and K.L.O. This is THE lineup for an all-night throwdown. The Slug Wife Takeover is a huge highlight for this event as they have been making a very respected name for themselves as they tour the USA. Also, we have to give a shout out to the TCE favorite VCTRE for making an appearance on this lineup. Bringing a nice variety of experimental electronic music Sermon is gonna be one of the events that ATL will forever remember. Check out our playlist to get ready for the weekend!

TCE will be at the spot for full coverage on the Sermon chaos. Be sure to get tickets ASAP as they are moving quick! Find tickets and other links below!



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