Omnist Makes His Return With HOT New Track “Goob Tooth” [SONG REVIEW]

Omnist has been lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce in the bass music scene. Only releasing 4 absolutely monstrous track titled, “Vallis Alps – Young (Omnist Remix), Brawl, Materialize, and Acardsa” everyone hip to Omnist has been eagerly awaiting new music. Well, that time has finally come with his celebration of 1k followers on SoundCloud. The artist had some words to say on social media about his absence.

Omnist (Johann Harshman) says,

“This song has been bouncing around in my folders for a while and it should’ve came out a while ago. I have a so many things waiting to be released but being completely open and honest, I have been struggling to function as an artist. I’m usually never very open about myself on any social platform but Social media has made it so easy to compare myself to others and helps build the subtle framework to anxiety and depression. Feeling like your not enough, or that there really isn’t a point. I’m not trying to be sappy but I feel like there should be an explanation for my lack of activity through Omnist in the last 7 months. I feel like I have so much to share and someday’s I just don’t have it in me, but thats about to change.

I haven’t released a song as Omnist in so long, and its time to finally change that… Everyone I’ve met in the past year thats supported my music, thank you so much. There are so many amazing and kind people in this world – you are the light at the end of the tunnel.”


As someone personally who has a constant battle with anxiety and depression I can fully understand the struggle it can bring. This display of honesty and vulnerability is extremely admirable and I am sure that his fans can resonate with the sentiment. To Johann’s friends and fans, he is nothing but the kindest soul and a joy to be around. We can not be more excited to see what he has to bring in 2019 and the years to come.



Now on to the heater of a track that is “Goob Tooth”. Omnist has absolutely pushed the boundaries on this track. The beginning is a slower more halftime approach to the neuro sound. Dark and deep sound design creates a feeling inside of channeling your inner demons. It will have you crawling around the dance floor like a goblin. As the track progresses after the breakdown the tempo changes. Coming in with a more bouncy vibe it will have you go from crawling like a goblin to bouncing like a kangaroo. We can not wait to hear this bouncy vibes in a live setting. Overall, the track has incredible sound design and will hold your attention throughout the whole track.

Check out Omnist’s music and social media below! For booking contact Omnist directly.


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