A Beautiful Remix of Seven Lions ‘Days to Come’ by Up & Coming Slooze

Slooze is a ridiculously cool name and it’s one you should probably get familiar with. Bursting onto the scene about a year ago with his absolutely bonkers flip of the Rezz track “Psycho” (which he dropped at Rezz Rocks and it was glorious,) Slooze has only gotten better! This guy has been on a roll lately adding his unique touch to several tracks from various legends in the electronic music scene. He has done remixes and flips of tracks like Flume’s “Helix” and Virtual Self’s “a.i.ngel” as well as releasing a couple of his own wonderfully dark tunes with very fitting names “Oblivion” and “Desolation”.

Slooze has a special way of maintaining a song’s beauty while emphasizing its more sinister night bass sound. This is perfectly represented in his latest remix of the Seven Lions song “Days to Come” that dropped earlier this week. This is honestly one of our favorite remixes we’ve heard of a Seven Lions tune, which is saying quite a lot! Utilizing the intoxicating vocals from Fiora but so subtly building in the background is this ominous bass line. You can literally feel the suspense growing, and of course, Slooze does not disappoint. The tempo builds and all the sudden you’re thrown into the bottom of the bass abyss. It’s deep and it’s dark and it’s just all around glorious music! Slooze gently pulls you back out with those angelic vocals yet again, only to bring us to what we consider the best part of this remix; Melodic drum and bass ladies and gentlemen. This minute of magnificent electronic music is a prime representation of why we love up and coming producers who just make what they love to make. It’s one of those minutes of music that reminds us all exactly how beautiful this scene can be, and why we love it.

Please do yourself a favor and check this guy out, he is without a doubt going places and you need to witness it!