A Different Vibe – BrickSquash + Hullabalo0 at the Black Box 1/15

“The weirder the better,” is a motto that we, at the Chronic Electronic have found to be fairly accurate. Especially when it pertains to wonky music. Thanks to the consistently exceptional lineups, The Black Box keeps dishing out the good people of the Denver EDM scene are no strangers to some of the more abstract genres that are out there. Well, we highly recommend you clear your schedule the night of January 15th because Sub.mission is bringing Bricksquash and Hullabalo0 to give us a taste of something a little bit different for the evening.

For those of you who have yet to have your ears graced by the delightful liquid filled sounds of Bricksquash you are in for an awfully pleasant surprise! The pace of their set is definitely a bit slower and it’s almost like the waves being produced by the dreamlike tunes of this duo are melting before they reach your ears. Considering this almost hallucinatory vibe these guys give off we have a feeling the inevitable sold-out crowd will be dancing around like wet noodles with nothing but joy in their hearts. But wait… there’s more! It just wouldn’t be a Black Box show without some local talent, and lucky for us the support for the evening is Hullabalo0. As if the name wasn’t fun enough to say by itself his music is out of this world and we mean that quite literally. With a liquidy sound combined with a sound more interstellar, I-am-floating-through-space kind of vibe, it takes you on quite a trip. Considering he has been a part of some Tipper and Friends events you know things are bound to be on the weirder side. We sincerely hope to see you all there!

Grab your tickets now before its too late! www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1800780

Also check out the event page for ticket giveaways! www.facebook.com/events/268404283843230/

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