Baked Prophecy Tour – The Black Box

Surprise The Black Box is kicking off the new year with a bang and as usual this is one show you probably shouldn’t miss. Remember earlier in 2018 when Eazybaked turned this venue upside down and brought us all into an alternate reality for a couple of hours? Well the duo is back on January 10th and having recently released their new EP “Alone with Yourself” things are about to get taken to an entirely different level. If you’re into experimental bass music don’t even think about it just buy your ticket now, these two are going to immerse us in their world of trippy bass lines and eccentric sounds.

As if that wasn’t enticing enough, Prophet is a dual headliner for the tour. Considering these three are all best friends you know we’re in for something special. His sound fits in perfectly with the weird bass vibe and Prophet brings a unique flow to his sets, which should mesh in an awfully interesting way. Considering the aberrant sounds utilized by these guys that is not an easy thing to accomplish, that paired with the unconventional minds of Eazybaked we can’t wait to get lost in this peculiar sauce for the night. A quote from Eazybaked further emphasizes the uniqueness of this tour “Really trying to do something special with these shows. Something that’s never been done before.” Better buckle up boys and girls.

As usual The Black Box brings in the some of the best local talent the bass capital has to offer, Dalek One will be joining us for this party. Staying consistent with the deep dark wubs Dalek is a superb addition to the night and a great way to get the good folks Denver ready for whats to come. Be sure to catch another local act opening for the show, mixing the deepest and darkest bass music he can get his hands on Fathomless.

We highly suggest you grab your tickets ASAP, this one is going to sell out before you know it.

Tickets Available here:

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