Artist of the Month Killing the Game: Hydraulix

Hydraulix – An Australian grown artist who is taking over the bass music scene with his unique take on the wonky styles. Hydraulix, aka. Damien W. has been really blowing up over the recent years. He had influences of rap and hip-hop throughout his life and when he took on the production aspect, he blended that base rap beat and changed it up to insane electronic dance music with variations of genres like Dubstep, trap, and other hybrids of bass music. He has had massive releases on labels such as, Quality Good, TWONK, Disciple, Never Say Die, and many more! Along with official remixes for artists like, UZ, QUIX, and Herobust; Hydraulix has been impacting the bass music scene heavily. He has even gotten live-support of his songs through artists like Excision, Snails, Bassnectar, Flux Pavillion, DJ Snake, Kill The Noise, NGHTMRE and many more. Australia has different stars than the rest of the world and with that comes a complete different lifestyle and music production. Hydraulix has a one of a kind sound that is bringing him to the top and that is why he is the artist we chose who is Killing the Game this month.

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