A Night of Trance – 15th Annual Trancegiving in Denver with Vini Vici

Denver Trance Fam showed up hard and in style for the recent 15th annual Trancegiving at The Church Nightclub. For this magnificent night, we had local trance artists kick off the night properly and with high energy. They played an array of classic trance to intense progressive trance and kept things interesting and groovy throughout the opening hours of the nights. But once the debut of Vini Vici began to take place, the floor literally shook. Masterminds behind the music production of Psy-trance, Vini Vici has influenced the trance world for a couple years now by putting out some of the most iconic psy-trance songs in our scene. From The Tribe, to Namaste, and the most recent instant classic with Armin Van BuurenGreat Spirit along many more energetic songs, Vini Vici played an epic blend of all of those classic songs and many more that made for the Church to be absolutely rockin’! The hardwood floors in the re-amped Church Nightclub shook from the bass and the dancing bodies and when the bpm is consistently sitting around 138 with that repetitive psy-trance bass line, the floor straight up felt like a sturdy style of jello. Vini Vici comes from the home of psy-trance, in Israel and with that comes a lot of cultures influenced music. Aspects from instruments and vocals are used throughout their songs and when that is played out live the vibes skyrocket. Global Dance chose a prime artist to represent Trancegiving. It’s about time the bass capital get a good dosage of Psychedelic Trance.

Some of our media is posted below. Check our a mini gallery from that night along with one of our highlights that got recorded.


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Photos & Review by Dom R