New Beats from Persian Trap Artist ‘Asadi’ w/ the Culturally Influenced Song: “Goldie”

Persian trap artist and brilliantly talented beat pad producer, Asadi is back at it again with a song that is heavily influenced from the instruments used in his heritage. “Goldie” is his latest release that has brought to life the sounds of a soothing sitar that gets beaten down into a rowdy trap bass line. The sitar rifts are taken organically from his production as he plays out the samples on an actual sitar that is then used in the song! Which can be seen in the end of his promo video at the bottom of the page. Trap music is usually anywhere from 100bpm to 160-ish bpm, but generally it is at 140 and this song sits right on that mark. It is the ultimate combination of relaxing yet heavy all meanwhile influenced by the history of his culture and all mixed together it is an absolutely outstanding piece of musical art! Check out his song on multiple platforms below and follow Asadi for more Persian trap dankness!

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Multiple Platforms Link for “Goldie”

Video of Asadi on the Sitar