The Black Box Brought the Funky Vibes

This past Friday night a wonderful little event took place at one of Denver’s more intimate and interesting venues. The Black Box consistently brings in talented artists from every corner of the electronic music scene and this weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing the sound of VibeSquaD, Cualli, Eukarya, and Elusiv3. Without a doubt, this was one of our favorite Black Box experiences and considering the show sold out, the crowd never felt even remotely overwhelming. The vibes were nothing but the best from start to finish from everyone in the room.

Elusiv3 kicked off the night and brought such a unique sound with funky glitch-hop beats that you just couldn’t get enough. Following this delightful trippy set, Eukarya was up to bat, the room definitely was on a whole new level after the opener and the deep drum and bass fueled set was perfect for the occasion. Mixing the energy of those tracks with some of those tasty experimental bass jams was quite a lovely lead into that phenomenal VibeSquaD set. The name of this DJ is spot on, Aaron Holstein had such a positive stage presence it was contagious. Not knowing what to expect made this one of my favorite musical surprises of the year, such an upbeat and genuinely fun set! Every person in the crowd was having an absolute blast, and you could tell there were some serious VibeSquaD fans amongst the crowd making all of the classic tracks that much more enjoyable. Cualli ended the night in a way I thought was quite fitting, playing some of the more psychedelic kind of sounds and really taking everyone on a fun little trip but it was also beautiful and more ambient, bringing the night to a delicately perfect end.

As always the smaller more personal venue made all the difference in making this experience amazing. The variety of quality music that we got to hear was some of the best we’ve heard in a while. There’s no doubt more shows like this are just around the corner so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events!

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Author: Seann B.

Photo: Justin B.

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