Come Get Some ‘Black Magic’ From Lektrique’s new EP

Kannibalen Records is relentless on their bass-heavy electro sounds and with the help of one of their beloved artists, Lektrique, Kannibalen sounds are rocking dancefloors and festivals across the world.  From Belgium but with the sounds of Kanni located in Montreal, Lektrique combines two cultures of electro for a one of a kind vibe. He recently published an EP on Kannibalen Records, Black Magic is an EP that does not tread lightly in the electro world. This two song EP packs tons of feels for the two songs. The first song, ‘Black Magic,’ is a collaboration track made with Sam Lamar and together they pull out some really voodoo bass magic in this one. Keeping the pace fast and the bass down low, the second track, ‘Virus’ spreads those nasty electro vibes through the listener. Together, the two tracks come together for a blood pumping, musical journey that radiates Kannibalen vibes. This EP is a small taste to the Black Magic mastery at Kannibalen Records. Check out more from Lektrique from his social links posted below including his EP Black Magic.

Lektrique Facebook

Lektrique Soundcloud

Kannibalen Records Facebook

Kannibalen Records Website

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