Summer Vibes Grow ‘Louder’ w/ Sultan + Shepard Release on Armada

We are in the midst of festival season and with that comes those beautiful anthems that resonates in our hearts. This song ‘Louder’  by the Canadian duo, Sultan + Shepard, can easily qualify as one of those anthems for a special moment lost in the crowd or at home. The duo incorporate angelic vocals into their musical production and in this song it clearly shows the wide ranges of their vocal power. The lyrics tie into an intimate experience that is similar to those of pop songs, but with the melodic house backbeat, the song ties together for an ultimate release on Armada Music. A record label founded by one of the trance legends, Armin Van Buuren, you know that any release on this label is one of quality. Check out this uplifting song on several platforms below!



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