Up and Coming Artist Spotlight: ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ

When poolside ‘house vibes’ get matched by funky disco like synths and harmonious beats the result is the ultimate “quality of being pleasing to the ear,” in other terms Euphony. This month’s up and coming Artist spotlight is focused on; originally from the iconic Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, but now residing in L.A, ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ is using his 12 years of musical expertise to release his blissful sounds to the world with an awe-inspiring production. Not only does ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ play with diverse genres from house, funk, soul, R&B, and disco, but he incorporates his self-illustrated art that he uses as cover art / live visual art. Inspired by his dreams, ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ is turning ‘dreams into realities’ by illustrating and producing images and sounds in his head and turning them into beautiful creations of art. Because of this, among his amazing productions and notable festival performances such as Life is Beautiful and Splash House which is coming up this weekend, ᴇᴜғøᴇɴɪ is one of the artists gaining grounds super quick and is an artist you gotta look out for! Check out his recent release, “Planetesimals” which goes to show this ultimate blend of relaxed yet groovy live electronic beats and be on the look out for his newest release “All I Have For You” coming out this Friday! This song truly goes to show his diversity in music production as he takes his sound for a wonderful turn with Funk House. Make sure to follow him below to keep up with all of the releases and performances!