Sonic Bloom Artist Spotlight: Jade Cicada

Word on the street is The Swarm will be taking over the Hummingbird Stage at Sonic Bloom next weekend!

Skyler Golden, Aka Jade Cicada, has quickly taken his name to places among the electronic and the jam scene. Touring with the likes of STS9, and playing festivals of all sizes- all over the country- Jade Cicadas following (The Swarm) is growing at a rapid rate.  His most recognized track- a tribute to a widely loved cartoon, Rick & Morty, sampling a short conversation between Birdman and Morty followed up by Ricks “Stupid, nonsense catchphrase,” Jade’s track ‘Wubbalubbadubdub” off his Brood VII album put him on the map. His glitchy, experimental psychedelic style is infused with melodic and hip-hop tendencies take crowds on a ride through sound and mind. His sets are as smooth as they are crunchy, carrying a crisp clean sound throughout. Jades sound is truly unique, extremely psychedelic and very powerful. Each track is special and often holds some nostalgia. With a seemingly heavy influence from Dave Tipper, each album takes its own hold on the listener’s mind. Jade will fit perfectly with the Vibe of Sonic Bloom and we cannot wait to see what he delivers.

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