This Thursday – Psychedelic Bass Music Takes Over ‘LVL’ Temple Denver

Temple Denver is one of the newest and most poppin’ nightclubs in the Mile High and is a nightclub that is derived from the 14+-year-old ‘Temple’ out in San Francisco. Temple Denver is bringing in some of the biggest and freshest acts in our scene. Typically Temple Denver sticks to house music but being located in the bass capital, they tend to change it up here and there to give the crowd a fresh dose of electronic dance music and they are flexing their diversity this Thursday for their new series of ‘Collective Thursdays’. On their LVL stage, Angry Neighbor is taking over with their showcase of talented, bass heavy and wonky artists;  Kavsko – FiYah –  DropTalk and bringing in one of Denver’s current psychedelic bass music heavyweights, BogTroTTeR(Word on the street has been saying there is a super secret artist that will do a surprise performance too, come party to find out.) To top it off, these experimental artists will be flexing their sounds on the beautiful and legendary Funktion One Sound System. This sound system is perfect for this style of music, focusing on those low-frequency notes, the left and right stereo experience, and unique sound design which altogether will come out with the best quality of sound. Join us on Thursday for a one of a kind Temple Experience, ( only for those of 21 years of age or older).


Ticket link Temple – Angry Neighbor Takeover & BogTroTTeR

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Temple Denver Website

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