This July’s Friday the 13th, We Praise the Darkness w/ Shades at The Black Box

In July, on Friday the 13th in Denver, we will Praise the Darkness as, Shades (Alix Perez + Eprom) hits the Mile High with their album tour! Not only will they be hitting the bass capital on this ominous day, but they will be performing at Denver’s Hottest Spot for those dark & wonky underground beats, The Black Box. With a recent award from Electronic Colorado, “The Best Bookings in Colorado,” the Black Box is flexing their booking muscles and have just showed off in style with this epic show.(?) With this energetic and shadowy environment to host Shades new album tour, In Praise The Darkness, the Black Box will be the perfect representation of dankness in the dark. Shades, made up of Alix Perez and Eprom defies electronic bass music, as Perez found his signature sound with the wonkier styles of Drum and Bass, while Eprom has been successful in his exotic bass production. Together the combination of unique bass and gnarly DnB come together for Halftime. What ever it is, the creation Shades has produced is just disgusting! The sound production clearly shows extremely detailed layers that build up the suspense by grinding your emotions with either dark & ominous sounds that lead the suspense, or gnarly sound design that grinds your ears into a delightful breakdown of gnarly beats. Now you take their music with the vibe of Friday the 13th and the Black Box, along with the epic BassCouch Set up… and you got yourself a show that will tickle your emotions and ears into a darkened groove!

Make sure to get your tickets now while they are insanely cheap! Shades sold out The Black Box before, we know it will happen again! The table reservation and bottle service are available! Contact Black Box for more info. We are grateful to be one of the sponsors of this show but make sure to check out the other sponsors in the links below as well as some of our favorite music from the duo!

Shades Friday the 13th, Praise The Darkness Ticket Link


Shades Bandcamp

Shades Facebook

The Black Box Website

The Black Box Facebook

Sub.Mission Facebook

MyxedUp Creations Denver Facebook Link



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