The Black Box ‘May’ Be (No, IS) Killin’ It

..Yup they are killin’ it. The Black Box in Denver, Colorado is continually hosting the events that will rock your bass loving socks down into the rabbit hole. We may be a week into the month of May, but they already had, Truth, Khiva, a 2-night Cosmic Synergy takeover for their 3 year anniversary, and much more dankery! What else they have planned for the rest of the month is what makes the Black Box the place to be for your dose of epic local electronic music beats! They have a couple takeovers in the lounge and main room from local productions such as Angry Neighbor, Q-Vents, MorFlo Records, and of course Sub.mission. Comin’ along with that will be artists such as Goth-Trad, Stylust Beats, Planet of the Drums, Dalek OneBiome, and so many more. You can check out the absolutely packed calendar below and see for yourself why The Black Box got voted ‘Best Bookings’ by Electronic Colorado! Keep on scrolling down if you are looking for a wonky show to go to at the Black Box on June 8th.

Announcing something fresh!

They introduced BlackBox.TV! What is this you may ask? It is their collection of live streams from events where they had do their live streaming of the shows. It is a new feature to the site and is growing but has the capability of live streaming those events that you tried to go to but couldn’t because of work or whatever happened in your life at the time. Make sure to check back on The Black Box or LostinSound night of the show to get watch some live streaming!

5/10: Goth Trad & Tsuruda presented by Sub.mission
Lounge: Boom In The Box presented by Q-vents
5/11: Volvox presented by Nocturnal Denver & Meow Wolf
Lounge: CID Initiative & Scales Music present “Kinetik”
5/12: Sub.mission Agency Showcase: N-Type, Abstrakt Sonance, Variant, & Dalek One
Lounge: ABM Takeover
5/15: Crucial Recordings 3 Year Anniversary (Sub.mission Electronic Tuesdays)
Lounge: Local DJ Battle
5/16: Showcase Tour: Denver (Hip-Hop)
5/17: Chee, Proko presented by Cosmic Synergy
Lounge: Grey Area
5/18: Purple Couch x The Black Box present AtyYa
Lounge: 3rd Eye Fridays presented by Angry Neighbor
5/19: Skeptical & SP:MC presented by Recon, Sub.mission, & The Black Box
Lounge: Night Moves – 90’s RnB Party
5/22: Infernal Sounds Takeover (Sub.mission Electronic Tuesdays)
Lounge: Local DJ Battle
5/23: Red Leather Booking presents One Voice RnB & Hip-Hop competition
5/24: Sonic Vibrations 5: Planet of the Drums (Dual Room Event)
5/25: Final Fridays: May presented by Cosmic SYnergy
Lounge: Whomp Truck Takeover
5/26: Bass Freqz featuring Stylust Beats (Dual Room Event)
5/27: Memorial Day Benefit
5/28: Biome & Max Mischief (Sub.mission Electronic Tuesdays)
Lounge: Local DJ Battle
5/31: Tomorrow’s Future Tour ft. Suds & Mike.iLL
Lounge: MorFlo Records Takeover
Looking for something that is going to be straight up wonky and full of disgusting beats. Well then, do not miss out on this massive show at the Black Box, June 8th with Champagne Drip, Eazybaked, and two locals absolutely F*cking Sh*t up, Xenolinguist and Thought Process!! You can read more about this show in the link below where you can find tickets, artist socials, and even a mini playlist of the artists going… so you know what you are getting yourself into.

June 8th – Champagne Drip, Eazybaked, Xenolinguist, and Thought Process