Legacy IV: Stööki Sound Brings Back Their Epic Mix Series After 2 Years

Stööki Sound is making a fierce come back into the trap scene. After two years, they have brought back their gnarly Legacy Mix series. Legacy IV recently came out, packed with banger remixes from Blunts & Blondes, Mr. Carmack, Machinedrum and many other dank artists! Stööki Sound showcased their brilliant mixing capability and song selection in this mix which is just a small taste of what we can expect from their live performance. (You can check the full setlist below along with their mix.)

Colorado fam! Stööki Sound is coming to Denver’s spot for underground music! None other than the Black Box! YOU DO NOT want to miss this filthy music on that glorious Bass Couch Sound System.

You can grab tickets here: 3/16 Stooki Sound @ The Black Box

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