Our Top 20 Favorite Chill & Bass Heavy Remixes

Remixes can be tricky because originals are ORIGINAL and that is something that will always stick out in music today! The original tracks are classic because they are full of unique beats, samples, and creative production that catches our ears. But sometimes, another exotic mind (or collective of minds) will take those unique samples and add in their own style by rearranging the song to a different layout and adding their own style by changing the vibe of the song to their genre. A remix can take a classic techno song and turn it into a beautiful future bass song or take a renowned metal song from a popular band and turn it into straight grimy dubstep. Some people hate on remixes but for the majority of the crowd out there, we all loose our sh*t when we hear one of our favorite tunes get changed up into an even better tune than the original. So to those who appreciate remixes like we do, we put together both chill and hard… happy and beautiful music to heavy bass heavy and go hard music. The first playlist is compiled of genres that graze future bass, trance, house, and a couple others while in the second one it is composed of only the gnarliest and heaviest remixes that get the dancefloor SHAKING! Check out our selection below and share it if you agree ‘and / or’ get down with our selection!

Top 10 Chill Remixes

1. Fatboy Slim- Right here, Right Now  (Carmada Remix) Future Bass

2. Aerosmith- Dream on (GRiZ Remix) Funky Soul

3. Shallows – Matter (Blu J Remix) Future Deep

4. Maroon 5 – Animals (Gryffin Remix) Future House

5. Bob Marley – Is this love (Vicetone Remix) House

6. OneRepublic – I Lived (Arty Remix) Trance

7. Secondcity ft. Ali Love – What Can I Do (Grum Remix) Trance

8. Dabin – Hold ft Daniela Andrade (Fred V & Grafix Remix) Liquid DnB

9. Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3e (DIV/IDE Remix) Future Bass

10. Tchami – Adieu (Heroless Remix) Future Bass

Top 10 Remixes That Go Hard

1. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Laika Beats) Grime/Dubstep

2. AWOLNATION – Run (QUIX & What So Not Remix) Trap/Hybrid Bass

3. Antiserum & Diamond Pistols – Swervin’ (Bailo & UNKWN Remix) Trap/Hybrid Bass

4. Jantsen – Kaiju’s Theme (NiRAYA Remix) Dubstep/ Bass

5. Skrillex – SCARY MONSTERS AND NICE SPRITES (NOISIA Remix) Grime/Dubstep

6. NOISIA – Friendly Intentions (Liquid Stranger Remix) Wonky DnB

7. System of a Down – Vicinity of Obscenity  (Craymak & AWAL) Dubstep

8. Metallica – Hard Wired (Sullivan King & Whyel Remix) Drumstep

9. Porter Robinson – Unison (Crankdat ReCRANK) Dubstep

10. GRiZ – Can’t Hold Me Down (Boogie T Remix) Wonky GrimeFunk