Lightning In a Bottle Adds Wave 2 of Artists to Their Spectacular 2018 Lineup

In Bradley, California, the beautiful & scenic grounds that host the festival, Lightning in a Bottle, is looking forward to a magnificent 2018 year with one of their most diverse lineups yet. Phase two has recently added a rather special touch to the multiple stage festival with their announcement of the epic stages, the Pagoda, Compass, Favela, and the Grand Artique. On these 4 stages are announced artists like; Beats Antique Lightning Orchestra, Too Many Zooz, Monolink, Lyrics Born, Ooah & Boreta, Kraddy, Viken Arman, KMLN, Treavor Moontribe, Comunité Takeover w/ Itzone, Jonn, and Wuuan, Ben Anaand, Be Svendsen, Eduardo Castillo, KLL SMTH, Woolymammoth, Sugarpill, Patricio, NastyNasty, Goldrush, BOGL, The Librarian, Huxley Anne, and many more will be joining the already STACKED lineup of Lightning in a Bottle!

Each stage is carefully curated to a brilliant theme and a one-of-a-kind vibe. The stages individually stick to a similar realm of genres which will bring in fans for their favorite artists or lure in wanderers with dank tunes that come from the distance. The Grand Artique sticks to the live music with the much anticipated Beats Antique Lightning Orchestra, New York City’s Brasshouse trio Too Many Zoo’s, indie pop Shook Twins and countless more. One of the crowd favorite stages, the Favela comes back with techno and house lovers galore as Oona Dahl, Trevor Moontribe, and Favela creator and DoLab Collaborator, Patricio, along with many more! Pagoda offers hard hitting bass music with the artists who are on the rise while the Compass stage will offer world-class synchronization through worldly instruments and synchronization through rhythm and consciousness.

Check out both announcements below with the other stages from Phase 1; Lightning, Thunder, and Woogie.

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All pictures credited to Lightning in a Bottle!