The Black Box’s Kicks off 2018 with a Lit January Schedule

One of the biggest and newest ‘Night Life’ music venues in Denver has started 2018 off absolutely gnarly! The Black Box in Denver, CO is renowned for their underground bass music like their NYE shows ending out 2017; they had Eprom and Brightside on the 30th and Goth-Trad and Truth on NYE, the 31st. A prime example of their taste in quality electronic music that hasn’t reached the mainstream crowd. The Black Box is absolutely killing it with their selection of artist bookings and with 2017 being their first full calendar year in business, they have absolutely won the hearts of Denver’s Bassheads. Not only do they continually book top-notch artists, but they have hammered down the style of production that they want to represent the Black Box. They have improved their venue space over several months with a handful upgrades to the audio and visual aspect as they run on the unique “Bass Couch System.” (Specs of Bass Couch System is posted below.)  On top of that, they have added in a lounge, which attracts many and gives local production companies and artists the chance to promote their music and message. With nothing but epic sound in both rooms, The Black Box has some of the dankest sounds in Denver with quality and clear heavy bass notes that can be heard through and through. They also book some pretty massive names that keep things interesting! Check out their upcoming month of January below and just look at the talent that will be rolling through to the Black Box! 

We are extremely proud and honored to be apart of The Black Box through promoting and sponsoring some of their events! We are excited about this new venutre and collaboration, make sure to check us out as these up coming shows. Bommer, Crowell, Sektah, and RYUK on 1/11/18 with Sub.Mission. ALSO, we will be apart of the Angry Neighbor takeover in the lounge, as Oxossi, Cloud-D, and Digital Vagabond will take over the main room. More info can be found in these articles:
Bommer, Crowell 1/11/18

Oxossi & Cloud-D 1/19/18


Mains: 4x Tannoy IQ10c black + 4x Tannoy IQ18b

SUBS: 7x Othorn 21″ subs

FOH: Behringer X32 Core + Behringer S16 Stagebox +1x XTA DP448 Audio Core DSP + 1x QSC RMX 1450a + 1x QSC RMX 2450a + 1x QSC PL 380 + 2x Powersoft Dig AM K10

MONITOR SYSTEM: 2x Tannoy Super Dual IQ10 + 4x Tannoy VS15HL + 1x DBX Drive Rack 260 + 1x QSC PLX 1104 + 1x QSC PLX 1801 + 1x QSC PLX 3602

Upcoming Shows at The Black Box in January 

Get more info here:

The Black Box Events Page on Facebook

The Black Box Facebook

The Black Box Website

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