Electric Forest Drops Their Highly Anticipated 2018 Lineup *Two Playlists Included*

Electric Forest recently dropped their magical 2018 lineup for both weekend festivals. Weekend one will take place June 21st-24th and the following weekend, June 28th-July 1st will be the 2nd showcase of this beautiful festival. This isn’t just an amazing festival because of the epic lineup that they get year in and year out with great diversity in music  (which can be seen below), it is quite possibly the best place on earth!   Electric Forest is unique because of the extremely special Sherwood Forest, which was carefully conceived and planted by the ever-so kind-hearted Wally Wojack back in the 1950’s. He had the intention of making the grounds a place of friendly gatherings to share expression in creativity and the love in music, nature, and people. He wanted it to be a place where live music and parties took over and that it did. Just pure fun. You really have to go to experience the magic aura of this forest. Don’t miss out! Jump on tickets as soon as they go on sale, December 15th, to have one of the most eye-opening and beautiful weekends of your life. (Watch the absolutely heart warming video of Electric Forest’s Tribute and celebration video for Wally Wojack below the lineup.)

Both weekends have incredible artists! Some who are returning for another year in the forest and some who will be making their debuts, such as Zhu, Griz Live Band, Malaa, and more! The lineups are full of music for all so don’t worry about one artist, because there are so many other to choose from. Check out the dank lineup below, the artists in black are performing both weekends while the artists in red are that weekend specific! We compiled a playlist for both weekends, with the repeat artists having different songs posted in the playlist! If you don’t know all the artists on the lineup, this is a great way to discover some new names!

First Weekend


Second Weekend


Electric Forest Ticket Link + Info

Another video showcasing just one of the magical moments that happen in Electric Forest


All Photo Credit goes to ATS Photo & Mass EDM