Artist Set Times Released for Gem and Jam Fest with a DANK Video Recapping Last Year

Gem and Jam Festival is taking place at the end of the first month in 2018. From January 25-28th, the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson Arizona will be transformed into grounds where art flourishes, creativity and passion flows through everyone, and epic music is on multiple stages. Gem and Jam does an interesting tactic for the main stage where there are two main-stages, but they alternate sets. So while the Emerald stage is going on, the Tanzanite stage would be setting up for the next artist and then they would switch when the artist finishes their set time on the Emerald stage. You can check out their schedule for the 2018 event below! If you haven’t seen the hyped up video recapping last year and promoting this year with their amazing lineup, check it out under neath the schedule! Don’t forget to buy your tickets if you want to be apart of this beautiful experience! Tickets can be found along with ways to connect to Gem and Jam festival below!

Tickets are on Sale!
Ticket link for 2018 G&J

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