7th Annual Decadence and the 7 Artists That You Can Not Miss

The City Beyond Tomorrow will take expectations to a new level.  America’s largest NYE Dance Celebration Event, year in and year out, Decadence highlights the best of the best artists and production in the scene! The 7th annual Decadence will be coming home to the big ol’ blue bear watching over the Colorado Convention Center on December 30th and 31st! Year in and year out Decadence brings top of the line music and stage & audio production, along with a full lineup of popular artists that results in some of the hardest music set conflicts that you’ll ever have to make. There are many amazing and talented world-renowned artists coming to Colorado for these two nights, so the decisions can get a little hectic, but we have put together an article to guide you to 7 artists that you can not miss to achieve the ultimate Decadence experience! Decadence is an event where dank music starts right away, so do not miss out on the fun and get there early! They have released the stage lineups and we are waiting for the set times to finalize our last steps until we are inside the city beyond tomorrow! Check out our top 7 artists to see along with the stages below and get ready for the City Beyond Tomorrow! *Don’t forget to check out the silent disco for up and coming local artists who are slaying the scene!*

If you don’t have tickets for yourself or your special someone grab them now! They are expected to sell out soon! More ticket info on their socials

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7. Get Real

Anytime either Claude VonStroke or Green Velvet comes to Colorado, its a pretty big deal. They are both renowned producers and DJ’s who have basically been our foundation to American House and Techno music. Green Velvet has been doing this for longer than I’ve been alive as he started releasing music in 1991! Claude is the other powerhouse, as he started up his record label, Dirtybird Records, that got recognition across the world fast. The two have different but complimenting styles of production and DJing, where Green Velvet is more techno based, and Claude is more deep house, the two have come together to play shows multiple times before. But (somewhat recently), in 2015 they made their debut performance as Get Real, at Ultra Music Festival. Following that they played a tour and a couple other festivals, which at one of the festivals I saw them get dirty, deep, and weird at EDC Orlando and it was gnarly awesome! This will be their 2nd time coming to perform at Colorado and with Decadence booking them as Special Guests, (along with Tchami is who most definitely an honorable mention,) We can guarantee that their performance is gonna just be fantastic and a set that you can not miss!


6. Porter Robinson DJ

How can you not be excited about Porter Robinson coming to town? Especially because it has been at least 3 years since he has done a DJ set. Porter Robinson as a DJ is a COMPLETELY different vibe than his Worlds Performance and don’t get me wrong, his Worlds shows are always outstanding, but his DJ sets are just insane. The room he has for freedom in music and mashing up music is incredibly vast and allows him to execute a performance that is unlike any other DJ. Maybe we will get graced with some of his oldies off of Spitfire!  In about a week we will find out as he is an artist that you have to see! He’ll be on the 31st!

Porter Robinson Facebook

Porter Robinson Soundcloud

5. Bassnectar

The 5th year of the King of the Sound coming to Decadence do his traditional chaos in Denver before his NYE event in another location. Each year has been completely different than the other but this is marking his 5th anniversary at Decadence. We can all guarantee that this is gonna be one hell of a set and one that you can not miss out on. (Read more about Nectar and his 5th anniversary here.)

Bassnectar Facebook

Bassnectar Soundcloud

4. Troyboi

New Zealand born and London’s Trap superstar is coming to the Mile High on the 30th for his last performance in American for 2017. He has worked with other major artists such as Stooki Sound and Diplo (who is also playing on the 30th, but on the Grid instead of Time Vault where Troyboi will be at.) His unique sound design has landed him multiple awards and the recognition he needs to play out his music across the world. He really only comes to North America for his tours and a select few other festival performances, do not miss out as we know this performance in the city beyond tomorrow is going to be beyond gnarly!

Troyboi Facebook

Troyboi Soundcloud

3. Space Jesus

Who is ready for things to get weird? Space Jesus is an artist that we have been following since our creation of this publication and within the 3 years that we have been catching him blow people’s minds apart, he has grown extremely popular! Coming from the East Coast with Gravitas Records giving him his foot in the door, Space Jesus has blossomed into the brilliant and unique sound design that has now landed him on Liquid Strangers Record Label, Waakan. This may be one of the biggest audiences that he has performed for,(Electric Forest being #1)  and will be the biggest crowd that I have ever seen him abduct into space bass. You can not miss your probing of dank music with Space Jesus! (?) Join the Space Fam for the ultimate blast off of bass in your face and catch one of the most anticipated artists at Decadence!

Space Jesus Facebook

Space Jesus Soundcloud

2. Borgore

One of the O.G dubstep producers and DJ’s will be taking over the City Beyond Tomorrow on New Year’s Eve. This righteous spot for him on the Grid stage will be perfect as he will take us on a crazy adventure of dubstep, trap, and other filthy bass heavy music. A drummer for a metal band back in his earlier days, Borgore has mastered his infamous “grimestep” sound with excellent percussion. Even though he nailed down his style he keeps us on our toes with dank releases and collaborations that have evolved into a different take on the Borgore sound. All headbangers will unite on the dancefloor to get some serious neck breaking in. Don’t even get me started on all of the Borgore Whores! We can just say thank Decadence for being 18+! Don’t miss out on this performance on NYE as we are going to either end the year or bring in the new one with some of the finest grimestep in the world.

Borgore Facebook

Borgore Soundcloud

1. Odesza

Last but not least, the magical duo of Odesza. These two have been on the rise since their creation of their beautiful project. Starting in late 2013 in Seattle, the two have blossomed into some of the biggest icons in the music scene today, as they have released multiple songs that have been recognized and are renowned across the world. One of their biggest and most popular releases is the album, In Return. It holds multiple tracks that became instant classics to our scene such as “Sun Models,” “It’s Only,” “Say My Name,” and more! They played Decadence back in 2015 and had thousands of people in a state of Euphoria! Which is why they are a set that you can not miss if you truly want to experience the City Beyond Tomorrow! They did not play a ball drop set last time, so hopefully this year we will be blessed with them taking us into the new year! We will officially know soon as the set times will be coming out within a couple days of the event!

Odesza Facebook

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Thanks for reading! Check out their hyped up video for The City Beyond Tomorrow!

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