Thomas Jack Releases His 5 Hour Live Set From Ending out Groove Cruise LA to Mex 2017

Groove Cruise had an amazing and diverse lineup of groovy and happy electronic music from trance, techno, electro, and all types of house, Groove Cruise held many breath-taking performances. But one of the most memorable moments from the Groove Cruise is when they had Thomas Jack end out the festival with his GNARLY 5 hours performance. On the last night of the Cruise, the brilliant artist, Thomas Jack took us into a tropical house paradise with tons of other dancey house added in, he kept the set rather unique for the Groove Cruise Fam. 

If you weren’t there to experience it, or if you only caught some of this set on the ship, worry not, this absolutely astounding DJ performance by Thomas Jack has been released on SoundCloud for all to enjoy, powered by DancePass Recordings! This mix is normally wicked fantastic but it was perfect on the ship! An energy and experience like no other. Check it out below! Among other Groove Cruise DANKNESS!


Don’t miss out on one of the most intimate, unique, and best festival experiences that you can attend. The next west coast Groove Cruise is happening October 10-14th of 2018, from San Diego, to Cabo Mexico. No matter the lineup, the vibes and experience will be a once in a life time kind of thing, even if you have done Groove Cruise before, it is always just going to be a gnarly awesome time! You can get more info for Cabo Mexico here. Tickets go on sale November 16th, you can register for Pre-sale, but you have to hurry as it is within 10 days!


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