EPROM Smashes it Again with his Drone Warfare EP

EPROM has done it again with the release of his new Drone Warfare EP. This EP features four heavy, deep tracks that will make the crowd get up and moving. The first track, “Oksana” is upbeat and thrilling. It is a great way to start off this EP and get the listener hooked. Up next is “Drone Warfare,” which begins to creep up slowly and suspenseful. This tune grows until it eventually drops, and when it does, it’s deep, heavy and exciting. After “Drone Warfare” is “Raw Data,” which begins differently than the others on this EP. It starts fast-paced and up-tempo, then breaks down into slower, deeper beats. “Full Mag” is last on this EP, but certainly not the least. This song comes out of nowhere with a heavy drop into a solid beat that will make the crowd go wild.

EPROM knows what his fans want, and always gives them what they ask for. This Drone Warfare EP is everything we needed from EPROM, and we can’t wait for more upcoming music from him in the future.

You can purchase Drone Warfare EP here.

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