Denver Finally Has The Nightclub That We Deserve from the Pristine ‘Temple Denver’

Denver and the surrounding areas are in the midst of a massive population increase. From the legalization of marijuana, to epic mountain lifestyle, a plethora of live music venues and bars to choose from and more, Denver is finally becoming a BIG city! Right up there with San Francisco, Chicago, N.Y.C, etc. With this increase in size and diversity, increased competition is healthy to the scene. Which leads us to the newest nightclub in Denver. Temple Denver is bringing in some of the biggest names in the EDM scene to perform in a BIG city club. Their roots dig deep as they have name recognition across the world as one of the leading dance clubs in the nation at their original site in San Francisco. Temple Denver is their 2nd location and what a perfect place to start their expansion. Located in the heart of Denver on Broadway, where City Hall used to be, Temple Denver has transformed the space into the ultimate nightclub experience.

There are three levels of this massive venue, each of which has a supreme bar at the back of the level. Each level is optimal for viewing the club go off with tons of dance space or a couple areas to chill at and enjoy the music. Practically surrounded by LED everywhere, Temple Denver has a unique energy as it feels like a futurist music experience. Including TOP of the LINE audio equipment, so good in fact, that it is one of three nightclubs in the nation to have a sound system set up like this.

The sound system at Temple Denver has been designed to provide the ultimate listening experience. Through decades of constant refinement and testing, Funktion One has achieved a level of fidelity across the frequency spectrum that was previously unheard of at night club sound pressure levels. The low frequencies are provided by the newest Funktion One F221 woofers and BR132A subwoofers that are configured in a non-conventional manner. The BR132 is perhaps one of the only true, high output subwoofers in the world. The full range speaker clusters on the main floor are the latest Funktion One components which are also found in the brand new Vero large format touring concert speaker system. Each frequency band is produced by a driver compliment that is a result of a design process that prioritizes listening as well as engineering. Temple Denver is 1 of only 3 venues in the United States to have this innovative technology and has achieved what many nightclubs have attempted, but failed to accomplish; the feat of producing the ultimate sound experience of a pulsating system that is not overbearing to conversations or harming to the audible senses.

Now, just because a venue has an amazing sound set up, doesn’t mean that the audio is automatically going to be amazing. The audio technician is the magician in the back pulling all the strings to make sure it sounds pristine. And the audio technician at Temple Denver did just that. On that throne of eargasmic audio production, for the night of DJ Chuckie, the founder of Dirty Dutch, I heard the absolute clarity in the gnarly sound system. Not only that but everywhere I went to dance/observe the production, I experienced quality audio! Didn’t matter if I was right in front of the DJ booth or 3rd floor in the middle looking out over the crowd, the sound was immaculate.

With the combination of fantastic sound, visuals that towered 3+ stories tall and was practically 360-degree lighting, with epic lasers, and tasteful artist bookings… Temple Denver is the Big City Nightclub that Denver deserves. I had checked it out for one of my favorite artists on my must-see list, and I am looking forward to catching more artists solely for the experience! Temple Denver has nothing but the best of vibes, with the top of the line production, great staff, dank drinks at the bar, and quality music. Don’t miss out on the next Temple Denver Experience, check out their lineup for the rest of the month below!

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