Bassnectar Debuted ‘Slather’ A New Track ft. Digital Ethos At Hulaween: Coming Out on his Upcoming EP 12-1-17

Bassnectar, as always blows people away with his extravagant bass heavy and vibey performances! He tends to play a wide range of music, with releases from various artists in the scene along with tons of his originals. For the recent Halloween Weekend he did just that, and then some. At Suwannee Hulaween, he had dropped a new collaboration named, ‘Slather’ with up and coming artist, Digital Ethos. This track had absolutely blown people away, as you can tell in the videos below. The two artists come together for a gnarly blend of hybrid bass music with a ‘one of a kind style to it’. “What the F*ck is happening?!?!”(Video 2) One SUPER HD, recorded in the Tree house by Bradford Watkins Creations and the other from our homie, Bossio, who had recorded into the following track.

Thankfully, Bassnectar has recently released this song on all streaming sites. It is a track off of his upcoming EP, Reflective PT.2  coming out on December 1st.

HD Video – Bradford Watkins

Bossio’s Video


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