Prepare for the Ultimate Blast Off into the Bass-Dimension at Skylab with DnB Masterminds: Delta Heavy

Skylab is preparing for blast off in less than two weeks. Produced by Global Dance and put on at the National Western Complex, Denver, it’s the perfect grounds for a multi-stage event with proper and quality production. Skylab blends the production and vibe of a realistic life, with aspects of a futuristic space adventure. The main stage, Skylab Launch Pad is absolutely filled with talent from start to finish, as well as the Bass Lander stage (the lineup for the stages can be viewed below…) but the artist that has my blood pumping in anticipation for their journey into the bass-dimension is UK DnB master minds, Delta Heavy

Signed on Ram Records (which is Andy C‘s label), Delta Heavy offers a unique and filthy, drum and bass sound. The two members, Simon James and Ben Hall, met back in 2003 at university, where both had similar interests in the DJ life style, they began going to and throwing down at parties that would last until sunrise! Both of them share a strong creative passion for electronic music which has clearly resulted in their international triumph. They have several releases on Ram Records that get the dance-floor popping across the world and for the first time, they are going to release a track on Ram Records and Monstercat with a collaboration that with Dirty Audio. The track will be coming out the day before Skylab, (9/22) so prepare for some heated music at their Skylab performance! Delta Heavy will graze the heavy, melodic, and beautiful drum and bass, so if you are looking for a performance that you do not get to see often in the mile high, this will be the set to take you away into the bass-dimension.

Haven’t heard their music before?
Check out our top 5 favorites in a mini-playlist below (including their most recent release from 8 days ago – Gargantua )

*Tickets are still available – can be found at the link below*

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