Plastik Funk Releases ‘Rise’ on Armada Deep

Plastik Funk has released a new banging song on the record label Armada Deep, a record label founded by 3 renowned artists / DJ’s; Armin Van BuurenMaykel Piron, and David Lewis, who used pieces of their name to come up with the name, Armada. This label was founded in 2003, so with this much reputation and experience, the musical library created from this label is extremely intense and talented! Having the opportunity to release this song on this renowned label is a huge deal, and for Plastik Funk, he has released a gnarly groovy track, ‘Rise.’ This track grooves through the melodies of house music and positive vibes while also matching the euphoric uplifting musical creativity that Armada holds to their reputation!  Check out the song below and follow the links to be up to date on Armada and Plastik Funk Releases!

Plastik Funk Soundcloud

Plastik Funk Facebook

Armada Records Website

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