Meow Wolf – The Psychedelic Adult Fun House Will Host Yheti and DMVU October 21st

Meow Wolf in Sante Fe, New Mexico started up in 2015 as a place where you can create your own path in an adult psychedelic fun house. This place has been loaded up in 20,000 square feet of interactive, crazy, art installations! “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin has been a major help to this project as he has funded some of the project and purchased a former bowling alley to turn it into one of the craziest, vibrant, and most interactive establishments in America. Here you can enter into the trippy realm by crawling through a washing machine, entering through a fridge, or various other ways that make the experience truly exotic. But what else makes this place truly pop, is that they have opened the door to the musical realm. By adding a venue, the Meow Wolf Collective has added another crazy aspect to their funhouse. So if you truly want an experience like no other, go check out their House of External Return, get loose, get weird, and then go get some dank music in ya from Yheti and DMVU on their tour, ‘Far From the Tree Tour.’

This experience is 18+. Tickets to the Yheti and DMVU show and the Meow Wolf Experience can be found below!

Yheti and DMVU Far From the Tree Tour

Meow Wolf House of External Return Tickets



This weird dude throws down some wonky ass bass. Weird samples filled with love and creative energy, Yheti tosses down a set like no other. With collaborations with Space Jesus, Spankalicious, and more, Yheti will toss down a set that will match the vibes of Meow Wolf rather adequately.

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Up and coming DMVU has been releasing dark and heavy beats. With one of his EP releases being put on the Deep Dark and Dangerous label (Run by the O.G Truth) , DMVU has seriously blown the F*ck up. This tour with Yheti is going to be great exposure for him and with this performance to be at a psychedelic adult fun house, it is going to be legendary.

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