Sonic Bloom Finalizes Their Magical 2017 Lineup W/ Papadosio, Cualil, Seied and more!

Sonic Bloom already had an incredibly diverse and talented lineup with the first two announcement waves! Now with the much anticipated final headliner, Papadosio, announced earlier this week, Sonic Bloom has finalized their already magical lineup with even more spectacular artists to join the unified field! Joining the epic talent at Hummingbird Ranch, we are going to be graced by the beautiful music by Papadosio + Cualli + Seied + TruFeelz + Simon Haiduk Art + DigitalVagabond + Flats Stanlie + LYFTD. After their Red Rocks performance on 5/6, Papadosio announced that they will be performing at Sonic Bloom as the last headliner. Cheerful and positive vibes are projected by their impressive instrumental jams which are blended with electronic melodies. Adding the extra bit of live performance, Papadosio is an analogue band, meaning that their music is not played digitally, where the music comes out the same every time, but because they use analogue sound from the synthesizers and modulars, the sound they produce is never exactly the same! Which means every Papadosio show is different than the other. This creative style is what makes Papadosio the perfect addition to Sonic Bloom as this festival is “Colorado’s Premier Electronic Music Festival” which brings the best of electronic music whether its from Dj’s / Producers, Bands / electronic instrumental acts, Rappers, and everywhere in-between!

Check out the full lineup above!

Never disappointing; year in, year out Sonic Bloom has put together one of the most organic and creative festivals in the nation. With visuals arts and live painters scattered throughout the whole festival grounds, countless installations, top of the line performance arts, dank and healthy food, amazing music, eco-friendly initiatives, workshops and yoga throughout the day, and for their second year, they are offering a Bloom Academy. The Bloom Academy was created by some of the brightest and most revered names in the scene to enhance your educational experience. For three days prior to the actual festival, Sonic Bloom will offer 4 classes; Visionary Arts Series, Permaculture Action Series, Ableton Live Master Series, and Movement Series (Yoga, Acro-Yoga, body awareness and movement modalities, Slack-lining and more!)

More info on the Bloom Academy can be found here.
Bloom Academy Info and Ticket Link

Tickets are flying for Tier 2 and will be moving to the next tier soon! Do not miss out on one of the best festivals in the nation. With a lineup this stacked, this may be one of the biggest and best years yet for Bloom. If you haven’t got your tickets, grab them below and we will find out for ourselves how just how epic this years Sonic Bloom will be. Join us from June 15-18th in the Unified Field!

Sonic Bloom 2017 Ticket Link


Don’t know all of the artists going? Take a look at our Soundcloud playlist with most of the artists performing on the playlist!

Click here to listen to the 2017 Sonic Bloom Artist Playlist