BREAKING NEWS: Cervantes Floor Boards Will Need To Be Replaced the Day After NOISIA F*#kS IT UP

BREAKING NEWS: Cervantes is going to get seriously turnt as drum and bass headbangers are going to come from all around for this bass filled show. With the gnarly combination of two local production companies, Reload Productions and Rebudz, they are bringing back ‘Bass Rising’ with an epic headliner – the world renowned Noisia, support from Dubloadz, and local Colorado talent, Fury + Detrace + T.Ø.C.  Cervantes is going to need to replace the floorboard for sure with this room shaking, basstastic lineup!

For all the drum and bass heads, we should know who NOISIA is, but for those who don’t; Noisia is a trio of best friends that produce some of the dankest and darkest drum and bass music. Over the past few years they have introduced half time drum and bass into their musical production. Combined with music from their own record label, Vision Recordings, they have a massive pool of incredible and unique bass heavy music to pull from that gets the crowd extremely hyped up! (FUN FACT: VISION upside down is NOISIA.) Starting the name back in 2003, Noisia quickly grew in the Europe scene and around 2007 they had a commercial break through with several releases that quickly became DnB club anthems. Keeping the popularity rising through out the years, NOISIA has become one of the OG names for drum and bass music and has been referred to as, Drum and Bass Gods and I second that. Don’t believe me?  Join us in the holy bass sanctuary of Cervantes on June 8th and find out for yourself how crazy of a party NOISIA throws down. With dank support from Disciple Records dubstep artist, Dubloads, this alone is going to make the room shake. On top of that they added one of the most renowned drum and bass DJ’s in Colorado, Fury. This ‘Bass Rising’ show is truly going to be next level! Get there early to catch the local up and coming acts Detrace and T.O.C who are guaranteed to make your face go from normal to bass face.

Tickets go on sale this Friday 5/19 at 10:00 MTS.

Bass Rising Ticket Link

Bass Rising Event Page

Reload Productions Facebook Page

Rebudz Facebook Page

Check out the video below for a taste of what NOISIA can do live! Couple of our favorite songs posted below as well!