AND NOW…for Something Completely DIFFERENT – Bassnectar Presents Freestyle Sessions @ 1stBank Center 7/7-7/9

Colorado is about to get wrecked!! Bassnectar absolutely loves coming to this state but with the parting of the ways at Red Rocks and change in location for Bass Center, Bassnectar had to do what he does best… and CHANGE IT UP! Coming to the 1stBank center to present “Freestyle Sessions,” the mastermind is bringing 3 nights of bass filled dankness to Colorado. Each night is curated to a different theme.

The first night 7/7 Freestyle. No holds barred. No limits. No rules. BALLS TO THE MOTHA F&$KIN’ WALL! Absolute chaos. Bassnectar will be playing out classics to songs he has never played out live before… prepare for different, with lineup:  Truth | Thriftworks | Goopsteppa

Second Night 7/8 Dreamtempo. Blast off with magical beats that will crawl up your skin and bring you into a dreamstate with the best of downtempo and psychedelic bass music! Support with: ill.Gates | CloZee | AtYyA

Last night 7/9 Wildstyle. With two extremely unique and experiemental nights preceding this night, Nectar has planned to bring all of his bangers and ragers, for this will be the Bassnectar set that exceeds all expectations! Along with: Beats Antique (DJ Set) | Aztek | Mr Projectile

Tickets are sold out, but check on RELIABLE Facebook ticket trade groups or Stubhub. May be a possibility there.

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