12 Must See Artists at the 12th Annual Sonic Bloom

The Unified Field is bringing their 12th annual celebration near (or sometimes on) the summer solstice, to the Hummingbird Ranch for another splendid and gorgeous year! Sonic Bloom. A festival built on innovation and creativity, bringing together instruments and electronic music to a beautiful blend of premier modern day music. Collaboration is everywhere at this festival whether it is between band members joining other artists for unique sets, or painters working on beautiful pieces of art together; the amount of art and creativity at this festival is truly next level. Year in and year out Jamie Janover, the founder of the festival and mastermind of the Unified Field theory, consistently books acts that are defying the game, whether they are up and coming or have a solid fan base. The artists he chooses to perform at the Unified Field bring people together to create an experience that you won’t get anywhere else. A good majority of these acts have the ability to improvise and what they create on stage is something that you won’t ever hear again anywhere else. Check out our list of 12 Must See Artists if you are attending the 12th annual Sonic Bloom! *NOTICE* All Acts booked on the roster for Sonic Bloom this year are absolutely amazing and because of that, this list was INCREDIBLY hard to make! So many honorable mentions, just check out the line up above and dive into our list of 12 featured artists performing at Sonic Bloom! 

1. Haywyre

For his first time performing at Sonic Bloom and widely popular, Haywyre is coming to spread the electro-improv vibes! Bringing a beautiful mixture of contemporary electronic music and classical/jazz, Haywyre will be the perfect artist to get the full Bloom vibes from. He has immense talent with Piano and keys, he builds his music off improvisation, one of the core elements for his music production, and his music can go from chill to funky to groovy within minutes and sound flawless. Check out more about him with the links below or check out one of our favorite tracks!

Haywyre Facebook Link

Haywyre SoundCloud Link

2. Desert Hearts Records Showcase

Desert Hearts will be presenting their Record Label Showcase with OG artists; Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porkchop.  This group started off in the Mojave Desert that began as a group of close friends who knew how to throw the proper party. Going off the idea of spreading love through music to create a better way of life, Desert Hearts is working towards a society where creativity, acceptance, and passions flourish. Catering to techno and house music, each set is full of passion, love, and tons of energy. With this much love and devotion to their music, they will be the set to catch at the Unified Field. (Not to mention they are from the Desert, but it will be their first time playing at this high mountain desert. #DesertVibes)

Desert Hearts Records Facebook Link

Desert Hearts Soundcloud Link

3. Zilla

The founders of Sonic Bloom originated in 2003 but started the festival in 2006. Each year they have been playing immensely talented and diverse improv sets as they have 3 different musicians, Jamie Janover ( hammered dulcimer ,) Aaron Holstein (Bass Guitar) and Michael Travis (of String Cheese Incident/ Eoto on Drums.) These musicians are talented in masterfully playing several other instruments, so never expect them to just be on one instrument for a whole set, or just 3 people on stage… they tend to like to invite guests. Don’t miss the OG’s doing what they do best.

Zilla Facebook Page

Zilla Twitter Page


4. Whitebear

Up and coming, psychedelic bass music phenomena, Whitebear is finally making it to Sonic Bloom. Whitebear caters to the psychedelic electronic music with unique samples and melodies that lead you on a groovy path then, within a few beats, the song can twist and turn with ear-bending sounds. He has played several massive festivals around the world and to see him finally get booked for Bloom, the vibes and outcome of his set will be surreal! Do not miss this much anticipated set!

Whitebear Facebook Link

Whitebear Soundcloud link

5. The Party People

Colorado local, the Party People is composed of Mikey Thunder. Mr. Bugatti, and Benjamin’s Vibe. Playing a variety of electro-funk uptempo dankness, the music goes from popular hits, to underground bangers, all along with a hyped up and talented MC who goes along with the music on key and with the perfect energy! Don’t miss one of the more energetic and funk-a-licious sets from this up and coming act at Sonic Bloom!

The Party People Facebook Link

The Party People Soundcloud Link

6. Space Jesus

After playing a set that blew people away last year, Space Jesus is coming back to the unified field for another set to take the crowd on a Space Bass adventure. Space Jesus is a Space Boss, you’re gonna wanna fuck “wit the weed” as we prepare to “meet the alien” behind the masterful music. Heavy bass and unique beats, you won’t catch a set like this anywhere else the whole weekend. Lets blast off together as Space Jesus is a must see at the unified field!

Space Jesus Facebook Link

Space Jesus Soundcloud Link

7. Joker

UK sensation and underground & mysterious dubstep producer, Joker, is coming to Bloom for a long awaited set. More than likely playing on the stage sponsored by Sub.mission, the heavy bass and underground music stage. Joker will blast the speakers with wobbles of beats and synths that we don’t hear often in America. He will be bringing the raw, the deep, and the dark yet beautiful music to the hummingbird ranch. A set that can not be missed!

Joker Facebook link

Joker Soundcloud link

8. Dirtwire

A set that embeds the perfect vibe of both sonic bloom and the desert, Dirtwire combines several unique instruments with a worldly bluegrass type of feel and electronic music, all along with a looper. Using instruments such as; space fiddle, percussion, jaw harp, bass, cigar-box guitar, and a “jimbush or the saz and it’s a Turkish instrument that [David Satori] made electric, which is a pretty, rare unique instrument.” (Credit: Gratefulweb.) Dirtwire has a vast and diverse range of creative and improvised music that will groove to your soul and leave your feet kicking dirt up into the air. They are a 2 person band who can play out a crazy and incredibly skillful set that will leave the hair standing on your arms. Don’t miss the party that screams the perfect western set in the high mountain desert.

Dirtwire Facebook link

Dirtwire Soundcloud link


9. Claude VonStroke

Dirtybird Records founder is coming to the Unified Field to do his thing, get https://www.thechronicelectronic.com/2017/05/12-must-see-arti…nual-sonic-bloom/down, deep, n’ dirty. Claude VonStroke owns 3 different record labels and with this much music in the libraries of the 3 separate labels, Claude VonStroke has immense variety in his music. Each set is different, deep, and dirty, and for having two of his artists at Bloom last year, me and other dirty bird fans can not wait to see the master of it all bring it to Sonic Bloom. This will be a set that moves the festival grounds with stomping feet and smiling faces. He will also be performing as Barclay Crenshaw at Bloom, make sure to catch both sets!

Claude VonStroke Facebook Link

Claude VonStroke SoundCloud Link

10. The Floozies

Coming from All Good Records, a truly funkadelic record label built with love, instruments, and gnarly electronic music, The Floozies are a duo who plays the guitar and drums and go back and forth between downbeat jazzy, relaxing sexy music to up-beat, funky dubstep music that can turn the vibes from chill to rage quickly! They have changed the scene with ground-breaking production and sounds that turn heads and turn you into a groove machine. The Floozies are a must see set at Sonic Bloom!

The Floozies Facebook Link

The Floozies Soundcloud Link

11. Papadosio

The last announced headliner on the Sonic Bloom roster and an act that defines improvisation with a beautiful mixture of instrument break downs and electronic melodies, Papadosio will be bringing the Unified Field magical vibes! Playing with analogue sound, each set is different from the last and with heavenly and distinct Papadosio break downs in their songs, they bring some of the most beautiful and bright vibes to live music. They released an album in 2016, Pattern Integreties, that has captured the hearts of many, along with beautiful covers of popular songs, Papadosio is an act that is a must see at Sonic Bloom. It will leave you full of joy and brightness.

Papadosio Facebook Link

Papadosio Soundcloud link

12. Gigantic Cheese Biscuits

Last but not least, one of the most talked about collaborations in our scene today and across the nation, Gigantic Cheese Biscuits! An outlandish combination of 3 widely popular and talented musical groups coming together at the unified field, a place where collaboration and creativity thrive. Big Gigantic will be joining the stage with a couple members of both bands, being The Disco Biscuits, and The String Cheese Incident, which has Michael Travis in it (also of Eoto/Zilla) and is one of the founding fathers of this amazing festival. Michael Travis is extremely skilled in using multiple instruments, with his talent matched on stage by the other musicians of immense talent and popularity, Gigantic Cheese Biscuits will be a set you can not miss! Anytime Big Gigantic does collaborations like this, the results are something that you may never witness again. Completely raw. And definitely a very funkadelic set to be witnessed!

Big Gigantic Facebook Link

Big Gigantic Soundcloud Link

The String Cheese Incidident Facebook Link

The String Cheese Incident Soundcloud Link

The Disco Biscuits Facebook Link

The Disco Biscuits Soundcloud Link

ALSO even though it isn’t announced yet, The Sonic Bloom Orchestra is another must see, as they close out the festival on Sunday with some of the best musicians in the scene, who are doing a 100% improv set! This set is a set that will absolutely blow your mind with talent from the musicians, visuals arts, and stage performers, the Sonic Bloom Orchestra will define the vibes of Bloom and can not be missed!

Sonic Bloom Ticket Link

Sonic Bloom Facebook Link

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