Papadosio’s Pattern Integrities Tour Sets Perfect Tone for Upcoming Red Rocks Performance – Review with Pictures

Since the release of their latest EP Pattern Integrities in September 2016, and their incredible 3 night performance the same weekend at Resonance Music Festival in Ohio, Papadosio has been on a wild ride playing shows in over 30 cities in 20 different states. While also taking the time to make an international stop in the jungle to throw down an awe-inspiring set at Envision Festival in Costa Rica. With 2 night stops in Chicago, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Denver, Columbus and Washington D.C., plus sometimes stringing together shows 6 or 7 days straight, Papadosio continues to prove they have a rare motor and drive to entertain. After nearly 6 months of heavy touring and time on the road this band and crew is running like a well-oiled machine as they gear up for their second headlining performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Saturday, May 6th. With an impressive lineup featuring SunSquabi, Desert Dwellers, Supersillyus, An-Ten-Nae, and Eliot Lipp, Re:Creation is sure to be one of the best events of the summer at one of the most magical concert venues on earth. In addition to a whole day of stellar music, the Papadosio set will be accompanied by live visuals from Johnathan Singer and live painting by the incomparable Alex and Allyson Grey. The celebrated couple will create alongside and in sequence with the band as the concert takes place to provide a seamlessly woven spectacle of light, sound and color. Re:Creation is guaranteed to be an epic journey of discovery though music and visual art splattered across a canvas of stone with a beautiful Colorado night sky as the backdrop. A truly majestic scene for an equally as intriguing cast of artists to conduct their magic. The action for the weekend will kick off the night before Friday May, 5th at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox in Denver with a special preparty with Papadosio guitarist Anthony Thogmartin performing his solo project, Earthcry. Papadosio’s drummer Mike Healy will be in support as well as the hypnotic yet fluid, Erothyme. Tickets for the Red Rocks show are already on sale and can be purchased from this link. Don’t miss your opportunity to share in one of the best events of 2017.

From humble beginnings in Ohio to coming of age in Asheville, North Carolina and abroad, Papadosio has built a career not only by delivering intimate, unique and powerful performances night in and night out but also by attempting to provide a low judgment and accepting space for fans to gather. Through excessive touring over the years and a highly positive message, Dosio has sown the seeds of an ever growing and loyal fan base that rivals some of the most passionate in music today. The nature of the message in their songs seems to attracts a wide range of forward thinking individuals from many different backgrounds, professions, races, nationalities and beliefs. An example of this is Advocates of Change , the nonprofit charity started and operated by fans of the band. Papadosio’s music is so moving that the listeners have taken it upon themselves to join together in an attempt to help raise money and awareness to alleviate some of the world’s suffering. By collecting donated works from the Papadosio community and holding raffles at shows around the country, Advocates touches the lives of many through the power of art and inspiration itself. Papadosio is one of the most uniquely talented groups of musicians playing today. They continue to push the boundaries of the way live music is performed and presented with experimental and complex improvisational pieces tied in with an assortment of influences ranging from jazz to rock to electronic, and so on. The manor in which Papadosio recreates their music and the progressive nature behind their art is almost second to none. The band runs a subscription service through where listeners can pay 10 dollars a month for their entire back catalog of over 200 recorded live shows. Also included with the subscription is free streaming on the Bandcamp app and every new show uploaded as the tour rolls along. Not only can you keep up with what is happening show by show but you can also explore years of past concert recordings as you please. You can even download the files to your computer to own and add to your portable devices. As you take the time to dig deeper into seemingly endless live performances you’ll be enlightened to the true vastness and depth of the creativity of Papadosio. These guys are a rare talent with a special gift to not only to entertain but to inspire. Some may say the measurement of a band’s overall success is only of tickets sold or fame gained but Dosio is about far more than just music or money. It’s also about making an impact on lives and the planet. About spreading awareness to bring caring and diverse people together in hopes of not only having fun but also creating a better world and a more open way of viewing it. Each Papadosio performance is a deep exploration into sound and emotion. A new exciting venture where spirits are lifted and lasting relationships are formed. Aside from being one of the most exciting live shows you can see, Papadosio gives off the feeling that they are as much in the moment as the crowd. That they are as grateful to be performing as the audience is to be seeing them. They aren’t just on stage going through the motions but are attempting to form a real connection with their fans. This humble and personable approach has helped make Papadosio one of the most deeply loved bands in music today. They make you feel as if we’re all on this journey together, this quest for discovery and Re:Creation 🙂

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Author: Bradford Watkins