Euphoria Music Festival Artist Spotlight: Dr. Fresch

Photo Credit to Dr. Fresch

The doctor will be coming to Euphoria Music Festival to freshen up the place with some of the dankest songs in the dance scene! Dr. Fresch will be performing at Euphoria on Friday, April 7th to toss down some fat and groovy bass heavy songs, taking the crowd on an unique musical adventure that has to be seen when attending Euphoria Music Festival! He plays a wide range of music, from heavy electronic music such as deep/bass house and trap, to melodic and vibe-filled “straight to the bedroom” bass filled songs. His talent in music production has gotten his name renowned and revered as some of his songs have been played in clubs across the world. Dr. Fresch has put out multiple remixes that have become instant classics and blown up on the dance floor! Along with his distinct sound and amazing ability to read the crowd and play out the right vibes, Dr. Fresch will be a set that you won’t want to miss! No matter where he plays, he can make that environment into a crazy dance party, so if you are looking to get your groove on, move your feet and be apart of a set that can quite possibly be one of the best sets of the weekend, you should be at this set!

Want a taste of Dr. Fresch? Check out Soundcloud links below to hear some of his diverse, yet deep and bass filled music. Check out the links for more info and if you haven’t purchased your Euphoria Music Festival tickets yet, grab them below!

SNBRN at Dragonfly Stage – Euphoria 2016


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