Sonic Bloom Releases An Outstanding Initial Lineup w/ Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, The Floozies, Ott, Claude Von Stroke & More

The time has finally come, Sonic Bloom has released an absolutely outstanding lineup for their 12th annual event, with this being their 3rd year at Humming Bird Ranch in Rye, Colorado. Check out the insanely awesome and talented lineup above!

The Reminders Performing w/ Defunk Sonic Bloom 2016

Sonic Bloom was founded by Jamie Janover, one of the most humble, creative, intelligent, and hard working guys in the music scene. Not only is he a founder of an amazing festival that thrives on a perfect blend of live and electronic music, but he is a musician with magnificent talent. He has mastered the Chinese percussion string instrument called hammered dulcimer, has invented a unique drum-kit, created a RealmsMobile (being a tricycle with a drum kit attached,) and many more odd and talented instrumental skills. Jamie Janover is apart of Janover & reSunator , which is a duo with him on the hammered dulcimer and reSunator doing heavenly vocals along with playing the keyboard. He is also a theorist and physicist as he has based Sonic Bloom on the Unified Field Theory. Jamie believes that being the Unified Field it welcomes EVERYONE to express their creativity, relax, and bask in the creativity of others. A place of total human expression without judgement. This is what he thrives for and you can totally tell by the way the festival is ran.

Sonic Bloom consistently chooses some of the best and most creative artists to perform there. Ranging from improvisation acts, live bands, DJ’s, producers, and artists that blend all of those styles together. They have completely shocked the festival scene with the announcement of Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, which is consisted of Big Gigantic (Both Dominic Lalli and Jeremey Salken will be there,) Michael Kang, Michael Travis, and Jason Hann (of The String Cheese Incident / Eoto) and Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (of the Disco Biscuits.) This is one massive jam-collaboration! Both the String Cheese Incident and Disco Biscuits are renowned jam bands while Big Gigantic is infamous for their live electronic music with gnarly drums and saxxy saxaphone riffs. Sonic Bloom has always been amazing collaborators with the members of the String Cheese Incident as Jason Hann and Michael Travis had debuted Eoto’s first performance at the first Sonic Bloom back in 2006! With so much history behind the two, the improvised performances are always special and unique for the attendees at Sonic Bloom. This ‘Gigantic Cheese Biscuits’ set will surely be a set that sets the bar high for collaboration and improvisation at Sonic Bloom. A definite must see! Sonic Bloom did an outstanding job as the whole line up is full of amazing and talented artists!

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Author: Dom Ragusa